Friday, April 15, 2011

Where in the world...

OK, now that the first post is out of the way, I can get down to business.  All of you who know about this blog know that I am moving to Kazakhstan in August.  So, rather than make you try and figure out where exactly that is, here is a map of the area.

Having trouble seeing it?  It's the lime green one toward the top...that orange thing on the right is China and the beige to the North is Russia. The city I will be in, Almaty or Alma-ata, is in the south-eastern quadrant, near the dark green country (Kyrgyzstan).

I hope you've enjoyed the geography lesson...

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  1. Beth, I love your stories. The mountains look a lot like the rest of the world, which are all beautiful. OK Constitutional day you told us about the photo scavenger hunt. Did the teams meet up and did you compare where everyone went? Thank you for sharing.