Monday, December 3, 2012

Movie Monday: Snowstorm - How the pigeons fared.

Gagarina Park's Golden Autumn, October 2012

Almaty was hit with a big snow storm on Saturday, December 1st.  I have no way of quantifying "big" except to say that it was big enough that the fleets of plows and snow removal crews couldn't keep up, even on the major roads.  It was big enough for the city to issue a weather alert.  It was big enough to double my taxi fare to work.  It wasn't big enough to keep everyone home, but it was big enough to ensure that everyone who went out got stuck at least once (including the bus I rode home).

Snow fell all day at an alarming rate.  Tree branches began to snap under the weight of the snow.  Sunday morning, under blue skies, we went out to survey the damage.  Here are some pictures of Gagarina park after the snow.

Tree branches were down all over town.

And now for the pigeons.  Happy Monday everyone!

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