Thursday, June 23, 2011

Goodbye Overbrook

Today was my last day at Overbrook High School.  Looking back, I find that while there was certainly frustration and sometimes chaos, my memories are overwhelmingly positive.  Here are some of my favorites:

Soul Christmas Carols played on the loudspeaker in the weeks before the holiday.

Erv showing our principal how to count rhythm and then entertaining the class with a Hart impersonation.

Rhythm composition projects - wtg team Marquita T.

Shawn getting tickets to a Flyers playoff game last season - NO FAIR!

3rd period class of 2010 (you know who you are) singing along with Dream Girls so loudly that it attracted an audience in the hall.

Diontai H. knuckle bumping me every time he saw me...even if I was telling him to "get out of my corner."

Alvan and Kamarria practicing the pianos...all the time...and then some more.

Mr. King...slouching in his desk with his eyes half closed: too cool for school but way smarter than he ever let anyone see.

Steffie working on his Art Music Beat so meticulously that I still dream Queen of the Night from time to time.

Keon smelling paint...what was up with that?!

Ms. "I've never been suspended at Overbrook, help me get in trouble" Robinson

T and E. Rapping in the back room to Pachelbel's canon.  T: I'll never forgive you for deleting that video.

The art club (you know who you are - and you had better stay in touch or I'll come back to Philly expressly to kick your butts) - I won't share their antics here but perhaps there will be a cameo in upcoming video.

7th period philosophy with Sam and Kareem - change the world, gentlemen.

The 3rd floor "breakfast club": Nothing like comedy and coffee to make the day brighter.

So OHS family, I will leave you with the farewell that Keon gave the graduating class last Friday:

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