Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday Photo: City Center Fountain

Last weekend I accidentally took a long walk.  I say accidentally because I had intended to take the tram home from the green bazaar only to discover that the tram wasn't taking me home, but itself home.  As a result I had to walk the remaining three miles home from the tram barn.  Anyways, on the way, I came across the city center grocery complex (store isn't the right word for any thing with amusement rides in front) which happens to have a very nice fountain.

So today's Friday Photo is of the City Center Fountain.  According to one source, there are more than 120 fountains in Almaty, so don't be surprised if the Almaty fountains become a common theme on photo Friday!


  1. I love the apple! And the fountain. (Hope this is a "do leave comments" sort of blog.)

  2. It is definitely a "do leave a comment" sort of blog. In fact it is a "do leave a comment and I will almost certainly comment back" sort of a blog. Great to hear from you here!!!!