Monday, August 1, 2011

Friday Photo (on Movie Monday)...apologies and Arches National Park

First let me apologize for missing Friday photo.  I don't have any excuse except that I was having such a great time hanging out at Gma's place that I simply forgot.

Now that the apology is out of the way, please allow me to apologize for neglecting today's "Movie Monday" in order to make up for last week's Friday Photo.  I really have no excuse at all for this dreadful neglect of my blog.  Then again, seeing as this is my blog...I hereby retract all apologies and print this notice:

(and don't get on my case for posting a Friday Photo or two on a Movie Monday)!

...and now for the main attraction (fanfare George [imagine your own fanfare here]...thank you)


Last Monday we began our drive from Durango, CO to Twin Falls, ID.  Our first day of travel ended with a short drive into Arches national park where I took the following pictures.

The really creepy (or really lazy) blackbird that wouldn't fly away until we were almost close enough to reach out and grab it.  Poe never seemed closer.

Oh and if you harbor any ill will because I am doing Friday Photo instead of movie monday, you can go shove your head in a

 (Just kidding - happy Monday everyone).

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  1. Wonderful pictures and anticipation of seeing what a hole in the rock was going to be. Then the audacity of charging to see it when
    Arches National park is just down the road where you can see over 2000 holes in rocks for less money.