Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Photo: Fountain No. 2

Since my last fountain post I have collected two or three other fountain photos (I told you it would become a theme).  It was difficult to choose a photo to post this week, but I settled for one that has a small story to go with it.

Last Sunday I attended a small Lutheran Service in the old part of the city (not too far from the Green Bazaar).  The service was conducted entirely in Russian (contrary to the promise of an at least partially English service).  In spite of the gaping language barrier, the casual and friendly manner of the pastor was so endearing that I will almost certainly go back there this Sunday.  I digress: that isn't really what I am writing about this week.  As I was a full forty minutes early for the service I decided to take a little walk before church and on my walk I came across the following fountain:

For those of you who have added the Almaty fountains to your list of things to do before you die, this one is on the corner of Ablay Khan and Kazibek Bi (accross form the Kazakh-British Technical University).  From across the street the fountain gives the illusion of perpetual rain.

 OK, so maybe this isn't the most fascinating picture in my collection, but it was a good morning and the sunshine made everything beautiful and I really wanted to share that beauty...

To make it up to you (for managing to read through this whole random ramble, I'll post apartment pics (even though I haven't really decorated yet) tomorrow.

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