Friday, December 16, 2011

Movie Monday: The NEW Almaty Metro

First of all, I am aware that it is, in fact, Friday (not Monday), but since we had "Photo Friday" on Monday a while back, I feel that it is only fitting that we have "Movie Monday" on Friday.  Besides, this was way too cool to not post right away.  Also, just because this post is about the NEW Almaty Metro does not mean that there was ever an OLD Almaty Metro.  The NEW is capitalized for emphasis because it is THAT cool!!!!!

Now down to business.  The Almaty Metro opened just a few weeks ago and today was the first chance I had to go down and take a ride.  The price for a ride is 80 Tenge.  You can purchase a yellow plastic token at the Kacca (ticket window) or, you can go to a kiosk and invest in a smart card to wave in front of the machine. During the day, trains run at 10 - 13 minute intervals.  There are no benches in the stations, so be prepared to stand while you wait.

Each station has a different theme relating to it's name and the interiors are worth seeing.  Happy Friday everyone, enjoy the video!


  1. Very nice. Quick question, though... what was with the guys standing on the glass roof with a broom? Kazakhstan's Quiddich team preparing for the Olympic games? ;0) Miss you lots...

  2. Clearly I found it fun enough to take a picture. My guess is that they were up there sweeping the snow off? It was the only one of the metro entrances without snow. On the other hand, Kazakh Quiddich sounds way cooler though, so lets go with that one. I miss you tons too.