Saturday, January 28, 2012

Friday Photo: Panfilov Park in the Winter

Cathedral of the Holy Ascension

Apparently this winter has been unusually cold.  Everyone (not just us gringos) complains about the cold.  Last week we suffered a cold snap that had us in the - Fahrenheit range for days.  It was Cold (with a capital C).  On the bright side, fresh snow yesterday means a day or two of great skiing in the mountains...and the cold means there are plenty of outdoor ice-rinks to enjoy (more on that later).  So in honor of the winter weather, here are several pictures of Panfilov Park in the winter.  As you can see, it is still beautiful.

Memorial to the Heroes
with a public works employee cleaning off the winter
dust (the flame is still burning)
If it wasn't for the path, I might mistake this for Narnia

Woods in the park


  1. Oh my gosh! You found Narnia!!! Say 'hello' to Aslan if you see him roaming the streets of Almaty. ;0D

  2. I KNOW...and since no one celebrates Christmas here it really IS always winter but never Christmas. Of course there is that big New Year bash, but we won't count that!