Monday, September 10, 2012

Movie Monday: A Few More Musical Moments

This weekend was the annual outdoor musical celebration known as the Parade of Orchestras (some translations say 'Bands') and I spent two late nights at the feet of Abay (beneath his statue, that is) enjoying some good old-fashioned outdoor musical entertainment.
Friday night's performance featured performances by MEZZO (a vocal quartet that was on Kazakhstan's X factor last year) and by the tenor Alessandro Safina who was both courageous (singing through feedback) and gracious (thanking the audience in multiple languages and even singing a song in Kazakh).  The orchestra also played popular classics like Arutiunian's Trumpet Concerto and scenes from Khachaturian's Ballet 'Spartacus.'

So for movie Monday I would like to introduce you to two of the musical discoveries I made this weekend: the vocal quartet MEZZO,

and the Kazakh group Ulytau who weren't there but who my friend wished were (this is pretty cool - check out the dombra!)

Happy Monday everyone!

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