Sunday, September 2, 2012

Sunday Summer Wrap Up

"Horse Parking" in Lancaster County PA
I am back in Kazakhstan, but I feel like something more needs to be said about my summer travels before I can return to posting about my adventures in Kazakhstan.  After spending time in Philadelphia, New York, and Washington DC, I spent a wonderful week in the very aptly named Paradise, PA.  There I ate the freshest, most heavenly sweet corn I have ever tasted, ran into Santa Claus in the post office, and was formally introduced to Lord Peter who later joined me on my flight from Chicago to Abu Dhabi.

I ended my summer in Durango, CO where I visited Mesa Verde, found the "Butch Cassidy bridge", and walked the Animas River trail over and over again in an effort to relax while I waited for a visa to return to Kazakhstan.

Long House at Mesa Verde

At long last, I am back home in Almaty, and am ready to resume my weekly outings.  Stay tuned for a Tidbit Tuesday special about the Pet Bazaar.

To all of the wonderful friends who made my summer quite wonderful: THANKS! 

Animas river from the Butch Cassidy Bridge


  1. Sweet corn and horse parking: says it all, really. Also I am so glad that the Barnhouse clan FINALLY succeeded in introducing you to Lord Peter. Isn't he dreamy?

  2. Hey! It was so good to see you, even for a short while. Thank you for helping me get through this summer with your wonderful ability to make me laugh at pretty much everything. I look forward to our next syllable bouncing session and Princess Bride-quoting marathon. ;0) Miss you...