Monday, April 16, 2012

Movie Monday: Easter Sunday at Zenkov's Cathedral

Happy Movie Monday on Tuesday! It doesn't happen often, so savor it!

Sunday was Easter as celebrated by the Russian Orthodox churches here in Kazakhstan.  If you are wondering why the orthodox church celebrated the resurrection of Christ on a different day than western churches this year, it is explained quite well at (click here).

Since all of the Christian holidays are celebrated best at Zenkov's Cathedral in Panfilov Park, I took a trip down town yesterday morning to see what was going on.  I arrived at the church just as the bells were ringing to mark the beginning of the service.  Here is a little video to give you an idea of the experience.  The sound (except the bells) was all recorded inside.

Happy Easter!

I have heard that the Midnight services on major holidays are not to be missed.  Unfortunately, I am still feeling a little under the weather from a mishap I had a couple of weeks ago so I wasn't able to make the midnight service last night.  I'll save that for next year.

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