Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Around lake Ohrid - day one

I've just begun my week long meander around lake Ohrid - one of two large lakes that straddle the Albanian/Macedonian borders. 

My task for today was simle: get up early enough to finish packing and find my bus.  I failed at both. I woke more than an hour later than planned and immediately adjusted to plan B: catch a bus toward Korca, disembark where the highway nears the boarder, and figure it out from there.

I did exactly that: caught a shared taxi to the border junction and the took a private taxi from there all the way to campground rino on Ohrud's northern shore and the first stop of my trip. The whole thing cost about $15 more than the bus, but it only took3 hours (as opposed to 5 by bus). 

Campground rino is a lakeside patch of lawn encircled by trees where tents and RVs line up as they arrive.

Judging by the size of the other tents around me, I'm the only backpacker staying here tonight - most of the people here seem to be families car-camping.

After getting everything set up, I ate a quick lunch and then took a stroll down the lakes shore, past sunbathing women and children frolicking in the lake's gentle waves, to the Kalishta monastery complex. There, I was able to see two cave churches (dating from the 13th and 14th centuries), two more modern but still exquisite churches, and listen to the sounds of a children's choir rehearsing.

The plan for tomorrow is to walk to the Town of Ohrid, and hopefully find camping along the way. 

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