Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around Lake Ohrid - day three

I've acquired three stray dogs so far this trip. The first (who I called traveler) followed me through struga yesterday. Traveler was scrappy and ugly with wiry grey hair and abnormally long legs (for a dog). Then this morning a cheerful little white dog with geyish ears insisted on being pet while I waited for my phone to charge, eventually falling asleep by my feet. I called her sunshine and would have tried to keep her if she had followed me out of camp. Instead, it was a small, brown, shot-haired dog with an obnoxious pointy nose who followed me out of camp and all the way into Ohrid - even after I told him to "git" (rather forcefully). I called that dog scrappy because he seemed determined to be my walking companion, but in the suburbs of town, he seemed to think better of the idea and turned back.

Ohrid is the jewel of the lake that takes the same name. Ancient churches, a medieval cliff-top castle, and a beautiful lake (which is covered in a white haze today) make it the top tourist destination in Macedonia. Fortunately, the town has just enough charm to make up for the hordes of tourists who make their way to its cobbled streets every summer. 

My favorite character from the town is Captain Christophe, an old fisherman clad in a brigh yellow shirt, blue trousers, and a white captain's hat. He pilots a bright orange fishing boat from the Ohrid port to a tiny fishing village that sits beneath the town's cliffs and is only reachable by boat.

I'm still in Ohrid waiting until the mid day heat passes, (which might be wishful thinking on my part) but I'm going to post this now since I'm not sure whether tonight's camping spot - Campground Eleshec will have internet.

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