Thursday, August 14, 2014

Around Lake Ohrid - day two

I woke up early hoping to get an early start for the long walk to Ohrid. I was ready to go by 6, but the camp staff didn't show up until 7, so it was nearly 7:15 when I finally got started. The very big bonus to this small inconvenience was that I got to watch the colors of the lake change with the sunrise - I toll loads of photos with my camera, but none with my phone :(

I followed a sleepy little country lane about 3km to the little town of Struga and then, after detouring through what tuned out to be a pleasant little holiday town in search of an ATM, I followed beach trails and paths along the shore. Eventually the shore paths rejoined a country lane that often appeared as if it were about to be swollowed up by the vegetation on both sides.

I walked and walked, often getting bemused and bewildered looks from locals. "Don't you know there's a bus?" I can read in their eyes as they pass me in cars, bicycles and mopeds.

"I know, but that's not the point" I answer silently.

I arrived at camp Andon Dukov just before noon. The manager, Kirill, was busy with some inspectors and invited me to hang out on the beach until they left, which I did. I took a short trip into Ohrid later in the afternoon - looked at a couple of old churches and ate a delicious meal before heading back to the camp to watch the sunset.

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