Sunday, February 5, 2012

Movie Monday: Ice skating and other winter fun

When I moved to Almaty there were a few things I wanted to learn.  Russian, of course, was one.  Ice Skating was another.  So I have been ice skating all of three times and finally bought a pair of cheap skates this weekend.  They are pink - not my favorite color, but on the bright side, they match my pink flyers scarf which I always wear skating.

There are ice rinks in several spots around town.  There is a good sized rink in the Mega shopping center and a small rink in the Ramstore on Furmanova. There is also a good sized rink up the hill on Dostyk at the Luxor complex (pictured).

During the winter, you can also find a number of outdoor rinks. This weekend I tried out an outdoor rink behind the children's theater on Shalapina.  It was the day after a snow so the ice still had powder on top.   The surface was a bit rough but I had a great time.  It was fun to be outside under a blue sky trying out the moves I learned on youtube.

For those of you interested in the cost, I haven't been skating at Mega, but Luxor charges 1000 tenge for 1 hour of skating and 500 for skate rental.  They also offer lessons for 2000 tenge.  The outdoor rink charged 700 tenge for unlimited skate time.

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