Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sunday Coffee Club: Bisqvit

According to a review on the Lonely Planet website, Bisqvit is "marginally smarter than Coffeedelia, with arguably the best coffee in town."  I have read the "best coffee in town" claim elsewhere and being a confirmed coffaphile, I was excited to try this place out.  So this morning I set out in the snow to meet Mr. Fielding, Dr. Aziz, Mrs. Moore, and Miss Quested at Bisqvit.

Located just west of the intersection of Dostyk and Shevchenko, Bisqvit has a nice atmosphere.  Dark wooden counters, booths with plush couches and wicker chairs stained dark brown contrast with the grey stone tile floor to give the establishment a sense of permanence.  There was little or no music from the radio and at 10:00 am I was one of only a few customers.  I liked the quiet and somewhat somber ambiance - it provided the perfect place to read my book.

The menu is quite extensive with options for breakfast, lunch and dinner and the prices are similar to those of other coffee shops in town.  I didn't try any of the food, but I must admit that my Americano was skillfully made and had a woodier flavor than other roasts I have tried here in Almaty.  While I hesitate to crown the coffee at Bisqvit as "the best in town," I will freely own that it was well worth the snowy pilgrimage.

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