Sunday, February 26, 2012

Sunday Coffee Club: Marrone Rosso

Located on Furmanova just up from the Opera, Marrone Rosso is one of Almaty's more popular coffee shops.  This morning, armed with my posse of fictional characters, I took the metro downtown to sample the food and drink and to share a good story.

The atmosphere of Marrone Rosso is quieter than that of Coffee Delia, but a bit busier than Bisqvit.  Soft pop music in English and Russian plays in the background and a nice mix of booths and tables are available for dining.  This coffee shop has menus in both Russian and English and several of the staff speak English - which can be a little bit frustrating when you are trying to practice Russian.

While the coffee is decent (once again I ordered an "Americano"), the breakfast menu is fantastic.  This morning I dined on the "vegetarian omelet" which is absolutely stuffed with roasted mushrooms, peppers, and zucchini with delicious fresh-baked whole grain bread.  The service takes a little while, (so make sure you aren't on a schedule) but the wait is well worth it.  Prices are comparable to those of the other shops, so plan on spending between 700 and 2000 Tenge ($5-$15 usd) per meal.  Next week on Sunday Coffee Club, Roads Less Traveled.

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