Friday, July 22, 2011

Trip Log: (and Friday Photo) - Durango Deer

Durango Colorado is a mountain town in the southwest corner of the state.  Like many western towns it was built around the railroad (the historic Durango-Silverton railroad still runs four trips a day...we have tickets to make the trip tomorrow).  The importance of the train to this community suggests that the iconic photo I share today should be of the train.

I, however, have found that the deer have provided the most unique experience in Durango.  On Tuesday we went to look at a house that was for sale, and a deer was in the front garden nibbling flowers.  Yesterday we were driving down the street a couple of blocks from my sister's place and a buck with a huge rack was casually walking down the sidewalk.  I'm pretty sure he looked both ways before crossing the street too!

So here's to the Durango Deer.  Happy Friday!

Next post - the train ride.

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