Monday, July 25, 2011

Trip Log: Kennebec Pass

Today's adventure:  A four wheel driving trip to the top of Kennebec Pass.  Kennebec Pass isn't really a pass.  It should be called Kennebec ridge or Kennebec peak because it is really the top of a mountain, and to "pass" to anywhere from there you really have to drive back down the way you came.  Nevertheless, I am sure whoever named the place had a reason, so we will let the name go.

Here is the story of the adventure of Kennebec Pass.

Up we went, driving on rough (to put it mildly) forest service roads along the side of an ever deepening canyon.

Up we went, through dark groves of Ponderosa pines and light groves of Aspen trees (here come the pictures for those of you who like pictures with your story).

Up we went, past a lonely chimney long since deserted by its cabin and left to stand as a lonely marker of a place and time almost forgotten.

Up we went, past springs running off the mountain, across the road, and down the canyon before joining the lively stream at the bottom of the canyon.

Up we went, past highland meadows adorned with colorful wildflowers arranged in such a way as to put the most creative florist to shame

(I had to take nearly twenty pictures from the window of our lurching vehicle just to get a shot with the flowers almost in focus).

Up we went, past the abandoned mine shaft that seemed to beg and plead for exploration in a most eery (and exciting) way. (Don't worry, I didn't go in).

Up we went, right up to the very top of the mountain...

...where we were rewarded with the most spectacular view that even pictures can't begin to describe.  

...and then we came back down.  The End.

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