Sunday, July 17, 2011

Trip Log: The Grand Canyon

We arrived at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon late on Thursday afternoon.   We spent the evening exploring the trails around the North Rim Lodge.  Friday morning we drove out to Cape Royal and Angel's Window.  Mom found the best vista to paint and I played my trombone a can picture the family: dad reading a book in the back of the car, mom painting, all to a soundtrack provided by George and I.  I am sure the other guests found us an intriguing (to put it politely) bunch.  Jessie, her husband Andrew, and his father Gary joined us Friday afternoon.  My favorite spot was the little stone room under the lodge.  Here are some pics.

The view from the lodge

 The view from Cape Royal.  All of the points had epic names like "Wotan's Throne"(shown above), "Freya's Castle", and "Vishnu's Temple".  Dad and I decided that the wall of rock at the bottom of the picture was rather nautical in shape and should be called "Barbosa's wall" in keeping with and updating the epic tradition.

 Angel's Window (above)

In front of our cabin from left to right: Andrew, Mom, Gary (Andrew's Father), and Jessie

The little stone room under the lodge

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