Thursday, July 14, 2011

Trip Log: Across Nevada

Today we drove across Nevada.  Literally.  We began this morning in Carson City and arrived this evening in Cedar City Utah.  Check out the map.

My flight into Reno yesterday was greeted (as many flights into the state of Nevada are) by a row of slot machines (pictured left).  I confess that I found the experience slightly surreal.

We crossed Nevada on route 50.  The stretch of road between Fallon and Ely is called "The loneliest highway."

We had lunch at a small cafe in Eureka where apparently they have an opera house (below).  Go figure.

While that stretch of road might be called "the loneliest highway"  the stretch of route 487 that goes around the back side of the Great Basin national park is a lot lonelier.

Perhaps they should call it "the highway that is lonelier than the loneliest highway."

Valleys followed passes in an endless succession.  With long stretches of straight highway followed by steep climbs over the next set of mountains.

On the agenda for tomorrow... Zion, followed by our trip to the grand Canyon.  Stay posted.


  1. Okay, so we totally have to found Absentia next to Eureka!!! Awesome town name. =0)

  2. and "Ornot" - Or even better, Eureka (Ornot) and Intouch are all in Absentia county. :D. I'm spending the summer in Absentia, Eureka, Ornot. I'll also be in Touch...hahahaha. too much fun with this.